Pet goats

We have several pet goats. They were meant to be 4H show goats or milking goats but for one reason or another this crew has reached pet only status. They remain in the barn with everyone else but they’re not used for fiber, milk, or showing.

This is Nikki Minaj (Nigerian Dwarf) in the foreground messing with me and Lacey (Alpine) in the background.

More of Lacey and Nikki

Nikki had babies on the farm in 2014. She was an excellent milking goat before she retired. We found homes for all but one of her kids and Hersh is still with us though at this time I only managed to find his baby picture which is too cute not to share.

We also have 2 more Nigerian Dwarfs. They’re twins with blue eyes. Butternut and Alice.

Who are always looking to get into something together.